Comgrow 3D Printer Turbo 4010 Cooling Fan Extruder Accessory 12V

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  • Voltage / current: 12V / 0.1A
  • Speed of Rotation: 2000+/-10% RPM
  • Length of wirings: 0.9m
  • Package included: 1 X 50*50*10mm Blower Fan+1 X 40*40*10 fan
  • Application: 3d printer extruder parts

Package contents: 
1 X 50*50*10mm Blower Fan 12V 0.1A and 1X 40*40*10 fan 12V 
Quiet sleeve-bearing design 
Life Expectancy at 40 Celsius degree: 30000 hours 
Operation Temperature: -10?~ 70? 
Lead wire: UL Type (+):Red (-):Black 
Voltage: 12V 
Noise Level: 15 dba 
Current: 0.1A 
Rotational Speed: 2000 RPM 
Air flow: 1.2 CFM 
these fan is good for cooling down PLA or other material after extrusion and the stepper motor.