About us

Comgrow is a professional 3D printer distributor, we provide high quality and cost effective 3D printers to everyone of you. 
Customers could buy the printers directly on www.comgrow3d.com. The printer will be shipped from China.You may also buy it from amazon with Prime account.
When you buy from amazon, you could get the product very quickly.


Comgrow provides life time technical support. one year warranty for printer parts. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help.


During the operation, the nozzle may reach a high temperature of 250 ℃, the platform is inclined to reach 100 ℃. To ensure your safety and to avoid a fire or deformation of models, any touch with models, nozzle, or platform is prohibited.
Please don't run the 3D printer when the machine is unattended. 
While operation, some material will produce a slight odor. Please use this device in a well-ventilated environment. In addition, when printing, please try to keep the printer away from the stream, which might influence the quality of your prints. 
Keep away from water or some flammable devices.